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Ad Wrap Team

Many organisations spend considerable sums of money on advertising, yet do not control the purchase of their insurance cover. The Ad Wrap insurance cover provides protection for Advertisers and could generate savings on marketing spend. However, the cost saving incentive is only one element of the reason the Ad Wrap insurance cover is becoming increasingly popular.

1. Providing you with control of the programme

The Ad Wrap insurance cover is designed to put you in control of spend, claims, and risk management. When there isn’t an Ad Wrap insurance cover, the advertiser often has no control over; the level of insurance cover purchased, the final/actual insurance cost or claims. This can lead to inadequate insurance cover and the production partner’s policy failing to meet a claim, and in the worst case scenario it can ultimately  attract adverse publicity which could in turn cause irreparable brand damage.

3. Consistent and appropriate cover

As our client, you get to choose who is insuring the risks that you are indirectly covered for, as well as ensuring the levels of cover fit within your risk appetite. 

4. Aon’s Specialist Team

Our expert team  provide a link between marketing and risk management to ensure that advertising activities are consistent with your corporate objectives. 

5. Shoot and Production Risk Management

Aon’s dedicated advertising team are experienced in handling all types of productions, including basic product photo shoots and major budget commercials involving stunts, helicopters, action vehicles and celebrities. The specialist Client Managers provide advice to the advertising and production team regarding the insurance cover, negotiate with insurers and issue documentation directly to the suppliers as required.