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Our latest thinking on the trends impacting those with a little more to look after.

Return of the pearl


Less flashy than diamonds yet with an inherent beauty and glamour, pearls have risen faster in value than any other form of jewellery over the past decade. Zoe Dare Hall considers the investment potential of one of nature’s most precious gifts.
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Violins investing when there really are strings attached


While it’s well known that there’s money to be made in all manner of tangible assets ranging from gold to wine, the growth potential of the violin (and its sibling instruments the viola and cello) has remained a comparative secret.

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Preparing your estate for Christmas


Preparing your estate for the Christmas period whether you open it to the public or have a private family celebration. 

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Hiding your valuables


Nearly all of us have valuables and important documents hidden away somewhere but would your loved ones know where to look if needed?

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Protecting your art and antique collections


Our Private Clients team have put together this helpful guide to highlight the key points you need considered when insuring your art collection.

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Far-flung, untrodden and serene - Trips of a Lifetime


Whether it’s a dream experience, a bucket-list destination or a luxury escape, it has never been easier to find a travel trip to match.

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How robust is your estates recovery disaster plan?


A disaster recovery plan is crucial should the worst happen to your estate or country home.

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