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Risk management - dash cams

The benefits of in vehicle cameras


In Vehicle cameras are an excellent addition to your fleet as they can improve and maintain your drivers and fleets high standard of performance.

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What are Value Propositions in Business

What are 'Value Propositions' and How Can a Business Use Them?


A unique value proposition could give your customers a clear idea of what your business offers and how this differs from competitors.

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Hiring your first HR partner

Hiring an HR Business Partner


The HR business partner model can bring many benefits for small businesses. Here we examine what an HR business partner is and how to choose one.

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Why do you need vision and values?

Why are Company Visions and Values Important


Our latest article examines what company values and vision statements are, why they are important and how to create them.

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Building customer loyalty and trust

The Importance of Building Customer Trust and Loyalty in Business


Our latest article examines what customer loyalty and trust means, how your company can promote it and why it is important in business.

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The Difference Between Merger and Acquisition

Business Mergers and Acquisitions Explained


Our latest article examines what mergers and acquisitions are, their differences, the reasons they occur and the potential risks, referencing famous examples. 

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Internal communication ideas

The Importance of Internal Communication in Businesses


Our latest article asks what is internal communication and why is it important in business, before examining internal comms examples, tools and strategies.
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The Potential Advantages of Motivating Employees

The Advantages of Motivating Employees


Our latest article examines how to motivate a team including techniques and activities, and the potential business benefits gained from employee motivation. 

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What Surveys can do for a Business

What Surveys can do for a Business


Our latest article examines what are the advantages of surveys in business and why using a survey to collect data can benefit market research.

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