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the cost of hiring your first employee

What are the True Costs of Hiring a New Employee


What are the costs of hiring an employee? Our latest guide explores the potential costs for a small business, from recruitment to equipment and training.
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Business planning for a Christmas event

Planning a Christmas event – some things to consider


Christmas events are an excellent opportunity for businesses to make the most of the holiday season but they come with their own challenges and risks.

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How cloud computing is changing business

How Cloud Computing is Changing the Business World


Our latest article examines what is cloud computing, what are its advantages and how is cloud computing growth changing the world of business? 

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Office security standards

Office Security - Procedures and Systems for Small Businesses


Having robust business security procedures and systems can reduce the risk of theft and protect a business’ assets. Learn how to secure your SME here. 

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GDPR three months on

GDPR 3 months on: ironing out the complexities


When the new regulation came into effect in May 2018, the noise was overwhelming. Almost every email subject line had “GDPR” in a mad panic to update privacy statements. But three months on, what has been learned?
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Ergonomics in the Workplace - A Guide for Managers

Ergonomics in the Workplace: A Guide for Managers


Our latest article examines the increasing focus on ergonomics in the workplace, covering all areas of office ergonomics from desks to chairs, keyboards to mice.

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How AI is changing business for good

How Artificial Intelligence is changing business for good


The Artificial Intelligence race is on. Companies are vying to patent and exploit its seemingly endless possibilities, with the technology becoming ever more accessible and cheaper.

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Tips for running a micro-business

6 crucial things to know about running a micro-business


Micro-business will be more than a micro trend in 2018. Become dominant in your industry with six tips to speed up progress.

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Avocado on toast

Five millennial myths busted


There’s no such thing as the millennial customer – or is there?

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