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Generation X vs Millennials

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Challenges for health and social care organisations in a changing insurance risk landscape


The digitisation of the health and social care sector means it’s time for businesses to rethink their approach to risk management.

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How to complete your professional indemnity proposal form


Aon’s Katy Kelly and Emma Southwood answer questions on how to complete your professional indemnity insurance proposal – or renewal – form; why it’s important and the common mistakes they see.
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Why are legal firms being targeted by cyber criminals

Legal profession vulnerable to cyber-attacks


A staggering 46% of UK businesses suffered from cyber-attacks or data breaches in 2017. As many of you might know, the statistics are a lot worse for lawyers but why?

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Risk Or Reward? The Future Of The On-Demand Economy

The Future Of The On-Demand Economy


The on-demand economy is transforming industries as quickly as it delivers the services which have come to define it. However, the transformation itself is not proving to be as smooth as those swift deliveries ordered at the tap of a finger.

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Should You Avoid Diesel Business Vehicles

Should You Avoid Diesel Business Vehicles


Future legislation could make diesel cars more expensive than petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles. However, there may be advantages to diesel in the short term.

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How SMEs can make the most of business awards

Benefits of Business Awards for SMEs


Running a business is time consuming so it’s easy to overlook business awards, but the benefits they could bring to SMEs could have a real positive impact.

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Brexit - assessing the risks

Brexit uncovering new markets and opportunities


For British companies, the uncertainty over Brexit is troubling. There are, however, steps companies can take to assess the potential risks and begin addressing them
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How Strategic Management Can Benefit a Growing SME

How Strategic Management Can Benefit a Growing SME


Strategic management can benefit small businesses by helping them manage rapid growth or navigate difficult periods. Find out how here.
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