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High value homes can have their quirks

A glorious Victorian property might have less-than-glorious Victorian plumbing. Something as simple as a burst pipe can cause real damage to your home and your possessions.

If, like many high value home owners, you’re currently under-insured , that burst pipe could put you seriously out-of-pocket. With Aon's Private Clients Team, you know you’re not getting a standard home insurance solution. We will arrange specialist cover to give you peace of mind that your home, and what’s in it, are protected should the worst happen.

We’re here for you

Our team of Client Managers work with a broad range of insurers to help you find the cover that will keep what’s most important to you protected.

We can help you to arrange:

 Buildings cover from typically £500,000 rebuild cost
Non-standard construction homes and listed buildings 
Contents cover from typically £100,000
Cover for home office equipment and outdoor items
Cover for students’ possessions away from home
Claims can be notified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

High value home and contents insurance FAQs

What is high value home insurance? 

High value home insurance is for those people who have a little more to protect. It may offer you greater or more specialist protection than mass market insurance. There are many reasons you might need high value buildings and contents insurance. For example, if you own a property that is: 

  • Particularly large 
  • Particularly old 
  • Architecturally unusual, eg constructed with unusual materials 
  • Undergoing building works 

High value contents insurance is designed for people who have home contents insured for £100,000 or more, or even a single item worth more than £10,000, such as an engagement ring or heirloom antique. 

If you would like a quote please contact us.

How much should my home be insured for? And how do I know if I’m under insured? 

Research suggests that 70-75% of UK households could be underinsured*. Part of the reason is that people underestimate the value of their home contents. One way to avoid this is to do a detailed breakdown of your possessions. Go from room to room in your home and write down what you have. Don’t just think of your valuable possessions. As well as electronics, paintings and furniture, you need to take account of smaller things, like clothes, shoes, and even your cutlery and crockery. 

If your home is relatively ordinary – e.g. a modern brick home – you can get an idea of its rebuild cost from the ABI online calculator. For an older, larger or more unusual home, a surveyor can give you a more accurate idea of the cost of rebuilding it. 

*Research provided by Data Monitor (2015)

What risks does high value home insurance protect against? 

Because we arrange policies with a range of insurers there’s no single answer, but most policies cover loss or damage from: 

  • Fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake 
  • Subsidence, heave or landslip 
  • Storm and flood 
  • Theft or attempted theft 
  • Falling trees or branches 
  • Breakage or collapse of television, radio signal or satellite apparatus 
  • Riot, civil commotion, strikes, labour or political disturbances 
  • Impact by aircraft, other aerial devices, any vehicle or animal 
  • Escape of water or oil from heating systems 

Will my policy cover accidental damage? 

Most policies which we arrange include accidental damage cover. At Aon's Private Clients Team, our job is to find you an insurance solution that meets your needs. We work with a wide range of insurers to find flexible options with cover that’s right for you. 

What are exclusions? 

Exclusions are things that are not covered by your insurance. Because we arrange policies with a range of insurers there’s no single set of exclusions, but some common examples are: 

  • Water damage that takes place if you leave your home unoccupied for over 30-60 days 
  • Damage caused by terrorists 

What is an excess? 

For most policies, if you make a claim you may have to pay part of the cost of replacement yourself – for example, the first £500 of anything lost in a burglary. However for larger losses this may not apply. 

Usually, the greater the excess, the lower your insurance premiums will be. Part of our job at Aon's Private Clients Team is to find you a policy with an excess that is appropriate for your needs.

Can Aon's Private Clients Team insure my home directly? 

Aon's Private Clients Team are insurance brokers. This means that we can offer you a range of solutions from different insurance providers, saving you the work of searching through options, and giving you confidence that you have the right cover in place. 

What is a Client Manager?

At Aon's Private Clients Team, you have access to a team of Client Managers to handle your insurance requirements. Their job is to guide you through the process. This means they will: 

  • Help you to arrange a policy that meets your needs 
  • Answer any questions you may have 
  • Arrange for any adjustments to be made to your policy if required 

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