Frequently Asked Questions About Claims

At Aon Private Clients we understand that making a claim against your insurance policy can be a stressful process . We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that, we hope, may answer some of your queries.

  • Do I need to tell the police of my lost/stolen belongings before making a claim?

    You should report a loss or stolen belongings to the police before you make a claim, it may be a condition of your policy.

  • If I make a claim will that increase my premium?

    Not necessarily but it may mean you lose your no claims discount. If you often claim the Insurer is likely to set extra conditions and increase your premiums.

  • Do I need to go to my client manager first or shall I call the Insurer directly?

    If you need to make a claim please call either your Client Manager or your Insurer by using the claims number located in your policy wording. If you are unsure whether to claim, speak with your client manager who can discuss your options. In an emergency claim, please phone the claims line in your policy documentation immediately.

  • If I claim will a loss adjuster be appointed?

    A loss adjuster will be appointed when the Insurer feels it is necessary. A loss adjuster is more likely to appointed for complex and substantial losses.

  • If I suffer a large loss will you come out to help me?

    If you are unfortunate enough to sustain a large loss, for example your house burns down, our Claims Executive is on hand to visit you to help with the aftermath if required.

  • How can I take steps to ensure I won’t have to claim again?

    Due to our relationships with all our Insurers we are sometimes able to work with them to employ the services of a third party specialist to help minimise the chances that you will claim again in some circumstances i.e flooding.

  • What is a loss assessor?

    A Loss Assessor is appointed by the policyholder when they need to submit a substantial or complex claim. They act on behalf of the client rather than the insurer.

  • What is a loss adjuster?

    A Loss Adjuster is appointed by the insurance company to assess the amount of compensation that should be paid after a person has claimed on their insurance policy.

  • How long will it take to process my claim?

    This will completely depend on the type of claim but, we will work with you to achieve an end goal as efficiently as possible.

  • If I don’t have any receipts of purchase, will this stop me claiming?

    The Insurer may ask for some other means of proof of ownership but, we understand that this may not always be possible. We will take this into account when processing your claim. It is important that you do not throw away or destroy any damaged items until insurers have given approval as these may be required to assist with the claim process.

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