Key Features

Worldwide cover for your personal possessions at home or abroad.

Cover includes

  • Up to the selected sum insured on valuables (jewellery, watches, clocks, cameras, camcorders, items made of or containing precious metals or stones, pictures, works of art and collections)
  • £500 cover on credit cards - fraudulent use by an unauthorised person anywhere in the world
  • £500 cover on money
  • £500 cover on medals and decorations
  • Mobile phone cover included
  • Worldwide cover
  • Cover for you and your family
  • Also covers household goods and domestic equipment if you live in a barrack block or similar shared Service accommodation.

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Important notes

  • Minimum sum insured : £3,000
  • Individual items over £2,500 must be specified

Optional additional cover is available for:

  • Pedal Cycles
  • Laptop Computers and Tablets

For full details, a quote or immediate cover:

  • Call us on 0800 212 4800 (+44 (0) 1737 503 153 outside the UK)

  • Email us your name and telephone number and we'll call you back


If you need to make a claim on your Kit & Home Contents policies you can contact the Claims Service on 0344 412 4262

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Full details of how to make a claim are shown in your policy.


Insurance cover created especially for the British Armed Forces needs to work far harder than the standard policies on the market.

The PAX range of insurance products has been created specifically for military personnel and their families and those connected with the British Armed Forces . It covers personnel living in the UK as well as those based overseas.

Policies apply to:

  • Serving members of the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, Marines, reservists, MoD affiliated personnel and their families
  • British civilians employed by the Armed Forces, consultants and those employed under contract with the Armed Forces, cadet force volunteers and members of cadet organisations
  • Retired and previous serving members of the Armed Forces living in the UK

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