Cyber insurance arranged for the care sector

Aon can arrange cyber insurance that protects against the losses caused by cyber-attacks and ensures the right expertise is available when a data breach occurs.

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Caring for vulnerable people means that you need to record and access sensitive information about each person in your care. This person-centred data can include patient names, addresses, dates of birth, diagnoses, medications and mental and physical health assessments.

You will also hold staff records including payroll information, reasons for sickness absence and information about disciplinary matters. The Information Commissioner’s Office can levy fines against any organisation that is found lacking in its duty to look after the personal details it has been entrusted with. In a world where personal information is increasingly valuable, it is even more important to ensure the security of data is not overlooked.

Who is at risk? 

Your care service will be at risk of data breach and cyber risk if:

  • You hold sensitive personal data, medical information or banking information
  • You have a website or use social media
  • You use a third party to maintain your IT systems
  • You store data on portable devices like laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • You allow third parties access to your network
  • You are concerned about intentional acts of wrongdoing by employees
  • You allow staff to use your internet or email
  • You back up on a cloud-based system
  • Your business is reliant on IT systems for day to day operations
  • You store client, HR, payroll or other third-party data, whether on paper or electronically
  • You transact or communicate business online or via email

What should you do next?

You could consider taking out cyber cover for your care service.

Aon has worked with insurers to arrange Cyber Policies to address organisation’s exposure to cyber risk. As well as covering losses that may be incurred, cyber insurance also ensures you have access to a range of services and expertise when a data breach occurs.

Your cover could include:

  • Information security and privacy liability
  • Regulatory defence and penalties
  • Website media content liability
  • PCI fines, expenses and costs
  • First party data protection loss
  • Cyber extortion loss
  • Privacy breach response services
  • Business interruption cover following a claim.

How Aon can help

Aon arranges insurance solutions for over 500 nursing homes including dementia care services, in the UK. Aon combines innovative solutions with a deep understanding of the care industry’s issues and insurance requirements.

We are happy to talk to you about Cyber Liability insurance which can protect your business against the financial losses caused by breaches of your network security, infringements of data protection laws, employee abuse of email or libellous content on your website.

These losses might be revenue losses, or they might be payment for damages to affected individuals. Cyber Liability insurance can also cover the costs of data restoration, reputation management and crisis management in the wake of an incident.

Access to wider services through Aon’s partners

At Aon we are keen that our clients are aware of current regulations. Our care sector clients can access services such as GDPR assessments and cyber awareness training for staff through our partnerships.

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