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Prestige cars deserve to be driven, not left languishing in the garage because you don’t have adequate cover for your needs.

Standard motor insurance policies may not be able to give you the confidence to really enjoy your prestige or high-performance car on the road . That’s why Aon Private Clients works with a range of insurers to arrange solutions to meet your requirements.

How we help you protect your prestige car

By arranging your car insurance through Aon Private Clients, you could benefit from*:

  • Products created for prestige cars, taking into account limited mileage and required use
  • Access to a private client insurance broker who'll take the time to understand your individual needs and explain the insurance options available to you
  • Agreed or market value options available
  • Multi-vehicle policies to cover all yours and your spouse's cars
  • The peace of mind that comes with a 24 hour seven days a week dedicated claims service

We can arrange high-performance car insurance for prestige marques including*:

  • Aston Martin
  • Bentley
  • Ferrari
  • Lamborghini
  • Porsche
  • Bugatti

*Exclusions may apply

What is specialist car insurance? 

If you have a car that is a little out of the ordinary, you are likely to need prestige car insurance. For example, owners may look after and maintain their classic car better than the ordinary driver and might also drive fewer miles. Sports cars and performance cars are generally capable of higher speeds than standard vehicles and. They may also be more expensive to repair or replace. They can also be very attractive to thieves. Therefore insurance brokers who have experience in dealing with insurance for these kinds of vehicles can help you find the right policy for your needs. 

What kind of vehicles can you arrange specialist car insurance for? 

We can arrange insurance for supercars, high performance cars, high value cars, prestige cars and cherished classic cars including: 

  • Aston Martin 
  • Bentley 
  • Bugatti 
  • Ferrari 
  • Lamborghini 
  • Maserati 
  • Porsche 
  • Rolls Royce 
  • McLaren 

If you have a prestige car, including marques not listed here, then call us to discuss your car insurance needs on 020 3131 2415

Can I get insurance cover for all my cars in one policy? 

Yes. You can get multi-vehicle policies so you can have cover for all your (and your spouse's) cars as well as having one common renewal date. 

Can I drive my car abroad? 

Yes, cover for driving in the EU is usually included but check the details of your policy as to what is or isn't covered. If you know you want to be driving abroad often or want to use your car outside of the EU, then make sure you tell us and we will try to find a policy to meet your needs. 

What is an excess? 

This is the amount that you have to pay towards any claim. For prestige car insurance this can consist of up to three amounts: 

  • voluntary excess is the amount you agree to pay in addition to any compulsory excesses for which you receive a premium reduction 
  • compulsory excess that the insurer imposes 
  • compulsory young or inexperienced driver excess 

An excess is usually deducted from the payment whether your car is repaired or you get paid for the loss of your vehicle.

If an accident is not your fault and someone else had been identified as being responsible, you may be able to recover your excess and other uninsured losses from that person.

What is Market Value and what is it used for? 

Market value is the amount you would reasonably expect to get if you sold your vehicle. The insurer would use this figure to work out the value of your car. 

Most car insurance is based on the market value of your car and is easy to decide for most modern cars. 

What is Agreed Value and what is it used for? 

An Agreed Value is the value agreed with the insurer at the start of the insurance policy, this is reviewed annually at renewal. 

What security will I need on my car? 

This will depend on a number of factors but generally speaking the more the vehicle is worth, the more likely it is that an insurer will want more security – both for the vehicle itself and where it is kept. 

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