PAX Personal Accident and Life Insurance

Giving you and your family peace of mind

PAX Personal Accident insurance is arranged under contract to the Ministry of Defence. With over 57,000 plan holders, PAX is the preferred supplier of Personal Accident insurance within the HM Armed Forces.

Whether you’re a member of the HM Regular Armed Forces, the HM Volunteer Reserve Forces (RPAX) or an ex-member of the Armed Forces (XPAX), cover is available to you and your family under the PAX plan.

The intention of RPAX is to provide the same cover to Reservists as available to their regular counterparts, as at certain times they will be serving alongside each other, facing the same risks. Cover available through RPAX is the same as Regular personnel.

In addition, XPAX has been created specifically to enable PAX members leaving the Armed Forces to continue their cover. 

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*The death benefit is paid tax-free to the deceased person’s estate, which may then be subject to inheritance tax. 

Personal Accident Insurance

PAX Personal Accident Insurance provides tax-free* cash payments if an insured person is killed or suffers the following as a result of an accident:

  • a permanent disability
  • a specified fracture to the arm or leg
  • a rupture to specified tendons which requires surgical treatment
  • torn ligaments to the knee or ankle joints
  • displacement of bones at a joint which requires restoration by a doctor
  • receives burns
  • hospitalised for over 5 nights

Optional life and critical illness

If you take out PAX Personal Accident cover, you have the option to include Optional Life and Critical Illness cover within your policy. This type of cover allows you to include death by natural causes and certain specified critical illnesses in conjunction with your PAX Personal Accident policy.

How much does this cover cost?

Prices and payment type vary depending on whether you are a Reservist, Regular or ex-personnel.

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Term life cover

Cover is available to Regular and Reserve personnel, with terms from 5 to 30 years and sums insured up to £240,000 per person.

Policyholders have the option to include cover for their spouse or partner and monthly premiums will be taken from your salary or by direct debit with no admin fees.