Cover for active service personnel

Cover for your Military kit and Service Accommodation Liability

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If you're a serving member of the Armed Forces, you may want to include this section within your kit and contents policy.

Key points:

Up to the sum insured on service uniforms, kit and equipment owned by you or on permanent issue

Up to £15,000 on uniforms, kit and equipment on temporary issue to you, for your own use

Cover is worldwide, including transits

Minimum sum insured: £3,000

Claims are settled on a new for old basis

Optional additional cover

Service Accommodation Liability covers you for charges that you may be liable for due to loss of or damage to contents, fixtures and fittings or accidental damage to service accommodation buildings (of married quarters, hirings, and other MoD accommodation).

The Licence to Occupy (March Out / Out Muster) you will have signed for your Forces accommodation means that you are not classed as a tenant, and includes a clause making you liable for damage to the property up to a variable amount, currently £20,000. The Service Accommodation Liability, available as part of your PAX policy, has been specifically designed to cover this risk.

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