Professional Indemnity Insurance for IT Professionals

In today's ever changing technology market, we can arrange Professional Indemnity for IT professionals

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Key features

Can protect your business:

If you’re sued by a client for breach of contract

If you unintentionally infringe a third parties intellectual property

Mitigation costs to help rectify a problem prior to a formal claim being made

Loss of documents and data

Regulatory body awards made against you

Cyber liability

Computer viruses

Key benefits:

Flexible indemnity limits and excess options

No conditions precedent to insurers liability

We can arrange cover for: 

  • Sole practitioners / IT contractors 
  • IT Training companies 
  • Hardware resellers 
  • Software resellers 
  • Security software programmers 
  • General software programmers 
  • Packaged software companies 
  • Network installation / maintenance companies 
  • Digital agencies 
  • Web site designers 

Please Note: This list of professions is not exhaustive.

Product Summary

  • Civil Liability 
  • Breach of contract 
  • Breach of privacy 
  • Mitigation costs
  • Employees responsible to the Insured 
  • Libel, slander & defamation 
  • Dishonesty 
  • Infringement of copyright – defence 
  • Trustee liability 
  • Loss of documents & data 
  • Criminal prosecutions 
  • Ombudsman / regulatory body awards 
  • Investigation costs 
  • Compensation for court attendance 
  • Limited cover for asbestos 
  • Non-gradual pollution 
  • Joint venture / consortium 
  • Secondments 
  • Claims advocacy 
  • Cyber liability

Cover options 

Limit of indemnity options ranging from £250,000 to £5,000,000 

Policy excess options ranging upwards from £250 each and every claim. 

The notification guide contained within your policy schedule sets out guidelines in relation to reporting claims. Please refer to your policy schedule for guidance on how to report a claim. 

For policies placed through Maven please contact: 

Aon Claims Solutions (ACS)
PO Box730
RH1 9FH 

Tel: 0207 086 4099
Fax: 0207 086 4061

N.B. If you decide to email your claims notification to ACS, please ensure that the message is received safely by requesting a confirmation of email receipt. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PI insurance for the industry: 

  1. What is Professional Indemnity insurance?
    Professional Indemnity insurance provides cover should a third party suffer a financial loss as a result of your professional error, omission or negligence. 

  2. What does “any one claim” mean?
    The limit of indemnity purchase is in respect of each and every claim from separate acts of negligence notified to insurers during the period of insurance. 
  3. What Professional Indemnity limit should I consider?
    We would recommend you review your contracts both pending and current to assess whether your limit of Indemnity is sufficient. 
  4. Does being a limited company or sole trader make any difference?
    From an insurance point of view, this will not materially affect the quotation provided. Should you change the status of your business during the insurance year, please contact us immediately so that we may notify underwriters. 
  5. Will my policy cover sub contractors?
    Yes, the policy will cover your IT contractors or consultants. This is only provided, if you have taken reasonable steps to ensure that our rights of recovery against your sub-consultant are not restricted or financially limited by a specific term in a contract or other agreement. Also, the insured will need to declare the sub-consultant fees in the proposal form. 

IT Consultants Professional Indemnity insurance is arranged by Aon UK Limited and underwritten by Maven Underwriters, which is a Managing General Agent operating under a delegated underwriting and claims authority on behalf of Argo, ArgoGlobal SE, Neon, AEGIS, Atrium and Beazley. Maven Underwriters is a trading name of Aon UK Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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