1 in 5 BCC members have fallen victim to cyber-attacks in the past year.*

Recognising the risks you face as an SME, the British Chambers of Commerce, along with participating accredited Chambers of Commerce, have partnered with Aon to arrange a cyber-crime policy starting from just £150 per annum to protect your Data and Assets.

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Data Breach

Chamber’s Cyber Crime Insurance

A cyber-attack or data breach can be extremely costly for you and your business. Risks are numerous and substantial, from leaving a notebook of names and addresses on a train, to receiving that email instructing payment to a fraudulent account.

Chamber’s Cyber Crime Insurance goes further than just protecting your business against cyber criminals. Many breaches are caused by accidental disclosure of data – either in electronic or paper form. This policy protects your business from the costs associated with these data breaches, which can be just as substantial as if data had been stolen by a cyber-criminal.

Common Threats

Common threats

As we produce and store more and more data every day, it has become harder for businesses to protect and manage.

External threats

Spear phishing

A more sophisticated version of phishing that attempts to gain private information by impersonating a legitimate service you use often combined with publicly available data.

Malware attacks

Despite advances in anti-virus software, malware is still prevalent and has affected a third of all businesses.

Exposed passwords

If your data has been breached, hackers may attempt to use your credentials to access other services, like cloud computing, to gain access to your data.

Internal threats

Lost hardware

USB drives, laptops, mobile phones all pose a serious risk as they may contain PII data or allow access to your systems.

Wrong recipient

Sending an email attachment to wrong person can be a costly mistake but not all breaches are digital, with client letters being sent to the wrong recipient also common.

Open access

A recent investigation found that many companies were inadvertently sharing confidential data because they had made their cloud documents public.

Common Threats

Why do SME’s need cyber-crime insurance?

Cyber-crime is a phenomenon which has been rapidly growing in recent years, with numerous cases of serious security breaches having occurred relatively frequently. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. Cyber-crime is now taken very seriously, and most businesses put stringent measures in place to try and minimise the risks it presents.

That being said, cyber-attacks are becoming more complex and developed in nature, and ever more difficult to defend against. This is why cyber security is today a major industry, with experts constantly developing new software to counter emerging threats.

Peace of mind for participating Chamber of Commerce members

The Chamber Cyber Crime insurance policy has been specifically designed by QBE to provide SME’s with comprehensive insurance cover and a rapid forensic response to help you get back up and running quickly in the event of an incident.

The main benefits of the Chamber Cyber Crime Insurance policy include:

Direct Costs

An exclusive 10% off for all members of participating Chamber of Commerce members

Direct Costs

Quotes available for around 3600 trades and professions

Direct Costs

Core cyber covers included as standard: Data, security and multimedia liability, Data breach notification costs, Information and communication asset rectification costs, Public relations costs, Forensics costs, Credit monitoring costs, Cyber extortion, Regulatory defence costs; including cover for Payment Card Industry (PCI) lines and legal investigation costs