What is an Affinity Partnership?

 Affinity Partnerships are for organisations who want to:

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Encourage growth and further ‘stickiness’ 
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Generate additional value added revenue 
Compete with rival offerings 
Expand their ‘core’proposition 

Affinity partnerships are for organisations that have significant groups of customers, clients, members, employees, tenants, associates, franchisees, suppliers or contractors.

Aon’s approach

Through our consultative approach, we will establish your business objectives and design a bespoke solution to fit your requirements.

We spend the time to fully understand our partner’s strategic objectives and the profile of their base in order to begin to shape an appropriate solution.
We use insights to help you make qualified decisions. Enables the partner to make informed decisions and is a key stage of the due diligence process.
Product creation & customisation
We leverage our in-depth knowledge of our partners and their base to build new products and to customise existing ones to meet their requirements.
Broker with negotiating power
Aon are able to leverage its significant global premium spend in the market to obtain the best solution for your affiliates.
Professional marketing support
We will work with you to develop strategic, multi-channel, segmented and targeted marketing campaigns that produce quantifiable results.
Professional service on your behalf
We offer a full range of options, including full-service contact centres to facilitate delivery according to your individual preference.

Paul Fowle

Partnership Development Director

Paul is responsible for developing new partnerships, both Business to Business and Business to Consumer.

+44 (0) 7718 250 242