PAX Personal Accident Insurance

Peace of mind for you and your family

PAX Personal Accident Insurance

PAX is the main provider of personal accident insurance to members of HM Regular Armed Forces, with over 65,000 plan holders.

Starting from just £4.35 per month for one unit of individual insurance, the Personal Accident Plan can help protect you and your family against potential financial hardship should the worst happen.

The Plan provides tax free* cash payments in the event of accidental bodily injury which results in death, permanent disability, specified burns, specified fractures or hospitalisation.

You may apply for PAX Personal Accident and Optional Life and Critical Illness Insurance for yourself and if applicable, your family, if you are a member of HM Regular Armed Forces, in Full Time Reserve Service or on a Non Regular Permanent Staff engagement.

The Plan is arranged under contract to the Ministry of Defence.

Key features of cover

  • 24/7 worldwide cover, on and off duty
  • Includes war and terrorism injuries arising from active service or peacekeeping duties
  • Includes injuries caused by nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological attack
  • Includes sports, traffic accidents and domestic injuries
  • Cover can be taken out or changed at any time
  • Premium payments by monthly salary deduction
  • Cover available under the Family plan, for your spouse, partner and children
  • Children included free under Family plan or Individual Plan if you are a single parent
  • No exclusion for death or injury contributed to by drink or drugs
  • Optional Life and Critical Illness Insurance cover can be extended to cover death by natural causes and certain specific critical illnesses

Plus extra benefits including:

*The death benefit is paid tax-free to the deceased person’s estate, which may then be subject to inheritance tax.

FP.APC.563.CM 1